Catapult - Windsor/Bray

Catapult Experience

Brief Information

  • Catapult Height: Over 100ft
  • Catapult Over Water or Airbag: Water
  • Car Parking Available: Yes (charges apply)
  • Video's click here

Catapulting At Our Windsor/Bray Venue

Feel intense and unique experience of a reverse bungee jump with UK Bungee's Catapult!  With nothing more than a body harness and a single bungee cord, prepare yourself for the ultimate thrill as you step up to the Catapult Launch Platform. As the tension rises the bungee cord is stretched above your heads until the moment comes and you’re ready to accelerate towards the sky! If you think you've done it all then think again and try the Catapult Experience!

Bray Lake Watersports Centre & Windsor

Bray Lake Watersports offers a range of activities to enjoy on site after your bungee jump, whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing picnic or a bite to eat at the lakeside cafe whilst your adrenaline levels calm down, take to the lake for a bit of Paddleboarding or keep the adrenaline pumping as you take part in a competitive game of Battlefield Live, Bray Lake Watersports can offer activities to suit all ages.  What's more, Bray Lake is also home to Segway Events' popular Segway Rally, with events taking place regularly at Bray Lake Watersports Centre.  For more information visit

Just a few miles from the royal town of Windsor, our Windsor/Bray venue is ideally located for a perfect day out for family and friends. From the nearby attraction of Windsor Castle to the excitement of the nearby theme park, Thorpe Park, there is plenty to enjoy for people of all ages.  

Important Information

  • Pre-Booking: Due to a limited number of spaces being available on each event it is necessary for you to pre-book your jump before the day of your event.  If you arrive on the day of the event without previously booking your experience we may not  be able to accommodate your jump.
  • Duration: You should arrive about 30mins prior to your jump time and allow between 2 -3 hours for your jump.  This is to allow for any delays that may occur on the day.
  • Car ParkingThere is a discounted car park fee of £2 for UK Bungee Club customers and this is payable byt the venue upon arrival.  In order to receive the discounted price of £2 you will need to present your UK Bungee Club Car Parking Voucher which can be found in your Event Information Pack upon confirmation of your booking.
  • What to Wear / Equipment: Dress in comfortable, casual clothes. Skirts are not recommended. Also please refrain from wearing boots or anything that may interfere with ankle harnesses otherwise they will have to be removed prior to jumping. Trainers and securely fastened shoes are fine.
  • Group Size / Spectators: You are welcome to bring spectators free of charge to watch you jump.
  • Weather: Extreme weather conditions may affect this experience, mainly high winds and thunderstorms. If in doubt, please look at the front page of the website or call the Event Information Line on 0845 319 5767 to check before setting off.
  • Mobile Contact Number: Please ensure that you provide a contact telephone number when booking this experience, as we may need to contact you on the day of your jump.
  • Restrictions: Please see our FAQ pages
  • Gift Voucher Holders: Please check that your voucher is valid for your chosen event - upgrades fees may apply. (See our Redeem A Voucher page for more details)
  • Gift Voucher Codes - for information on which code you need to enter click here

Event Address:
Bray Lake Watersports
Monkey Island Lane
Windsor Road
SL6 2EB*

*Please note that if using a navigational system to direct you to your event, some navigational systems direct to the wrong side of Bray Lake.  If you arrive at Monkey Island Hotel, turn around, take a left at the end of the lane and take the last left before the national speed limit sign.

nd take the last left before the national speed limit sign.

Weather Forecast

Conditions for Maidenhead, UK at 7:19 pm GMT
Last Weather Update: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 7:19 pm GMT
Current Conditions:
Light Rain, 46 F

Thu - Rain. High: 52 Low: 43
Fri - Mostly Sunny. High: 58 Low: 42
Sat - PM Light Rain/Wind. High: 57 Low: 41
Sun - Few Showers/Wind. High: 52 Low: 44
Mon - Rain/Wind. High: 52 Low: 39

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(provided by The Weather Channel)

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