Bridge Bungee Jump - Whitby

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The UK's Best Bridge Bungee Jumping venue!


Without doubt one off the best bungee jump locations in the UK, the stunning Larpool Viaduct is one of the UK’s few bridge bungee jumps. 

This location is only minutes from Whitby’s busy sea front and with the Yorkshire Moors and Yorkshire Coast close by it makes for the ideal day out or weekend away. The jump takes place over the river Esk with great views across to Whitby Abbey from the top.

When you arrive at the location you will register at Whitby Sixth Form College which is a short 5 minute walk from the bridge. Once on the bridge you will be greeted by our professional jump crew, here a number of double checks are made of your weight, jump chord selection and waist harness before your ankle harnesses are fitted. You will then be passed to the jumpmaster who will double check everything again before talking you through your jump.

Now all you have to do is jump!

Specators are welcome and get the unique oppportunity of watching you from the top of the bridge as you jump. 

Merchandise - Videos / Photos / T-shirts are also available at an additional charge and can be bought on the day or ordered anytime prior to your jump.

  • Single Jump - £75
  • FAB Jump (one forward & one backward jump) - £120
  • Tandem jumps are not available at this location 

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Information for gift experience voucher holders

Gift Voucher Holders - Check your voucher is valid for this event upgrade fees may be applicable please see info below. 

Unless your voucher states that it a "Bridge Bungee Jump" there will be an additional upgrade charge to pay to jump at this event.

You can identify your voucher type by reading the exact text on your voucher. The listing below gives you the upgrade fee on top of your voucher you will need to pay to jump at this event.

  • Bungee Jump voucher - £15 upgrade to pay
  • Bridge Bungee Voucher - No upgrade fee to pay
  • 300ft Bungee Voucher - No upgrade fee to pay
  • Central London Bungee Jump Voucher – No upgrade fee to pay
  • Indoor Bungee Jump Voucher – Upgrade due but varies depending on supplier please call the office - 01226 287771
  • Triple Whammy Voucher - £15 upgrade to pay
  • Awesome Foursome Voucher - No upgrade fee to pay
    Tandem Voucher Holders – No Tandems at this venue, tandem jumpers can do solo jumps £30 upgrade

Note *- No Tandems - we cannot accommodate tandem jumps at this venue, however customers with a tandem voucher can jump separately if they so wish.

The upgrade is payable on the day, or you can call our bookings team on receipt of your booking where you will be able to pay the upgrade via a credit or debit card in advance.

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