Red or Black - Hoff Reverse Bungee


Red or Black - Hoff Reverse Bungee

Last month we got a call from ITV to do a 70 metre catapult for their brand new Saturday night TV show 'Red or Black', at Battersea Power Station, next week...oh and it is going to be David Hasselhoff!

After designing and producing a bespoke full body harness and working out the technical aspects of this breath taking stunt, we were heading down to Battersea Power Station, hard hats in hand and nerves of steel to send the legendary Hoff sky high.

The Hoff was wired up to 6 detonators and X Factor judge Louis Walsh was there to detonate the bomb and release the Hoff sending him metres above the crowd. Contestants had to make the million pound decision whether the live detonator would be red or the black.

 UK Bungee got the Hoff ready to go, harnessing him up and fitting a head cam (making sure we didnt miss the shot of his reaction!) ready for lift off! Once the correct detonator was pushed we released the Hoff giving a win to team black.

 Just another day in the life of UK Bungee!


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