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Catapult - Windsor/Bray

31st Aug 2014

Windsor / Bray

Catapult ExperienceBrief Information Catapult Height: Over 100ft Catapult Over Water or Airbag: Water Car...

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160ft Scotland / Glasgow Bungee Jump

31st Aug 2014

160ft Scotland Bungee Jump - Glasgow

Brief Information: Jump Height: 160ft Jump Type: Crane Bungee Jump Jump Over Airbag or Water: Airbag Tandem...

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The Abyss @ Magna - Powerfan Experience

6th Sep 2014

The Abyss @ Magna - Sheffield / Rotherham

Brief Information Activity Height: 160ft Actvity Type: Powerfan Jump Over Airbag or Water: N/A Tandem...

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Weekend - Event Information & Contact Numbers
18 August 2014

Weekend - Event Information & Contact Numbers

Are you jumping with us today?  Please take a look at our up to date list of next available events below:  Saturday...

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29 July 2014

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge Cancellation

Due to maintenance work taking place, please be aware that the event on Sunday 7th September at Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge has...

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Is it spelt Bungee or Bungy?

In fact, both spellings are correct to a degree, "Bungee" is most commonly used in the UK, Europse and America. Alternatively "Bungy" is used as a spelling commonly throughout Australia and New Zealand. "Bungie" is a common incorrect spelling.

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