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The Abyss at Magna

What is The Abyss @ Magna?  

Located at the at the award winning Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham, a £46 million Millennium project, The Abyss has created a unique experience for thrill seekers. Set in semi darkness complete with music, video screens, dry ice and effect lighting, four exhilarating activities utilise the breathtaking facilities and structures of this former steel works, providing a truly dramatic backdrop for the ultimate in adrenalin experiences. 

The four activities, Zip Wire, Abseil, Powerfan and Bungee Jump are available separately or as two packages the Triple Whammy Experience and the Awesome Foursome Experience.


  • Location - Rotherham / Sheffield
  • Prebooking essential
  • Events Monthly
  • Prices - See bottom of page
  • Gift Voucher holders - See bottom of page
Activity Packages
Triple Whammy Experience
  • Three activities in one day under one roof!
  •  Zip Wire, Abseil, Powerfan
Awesome Foursome Experience
  • The Awesome Foursome is a highly intense day, combining four different activities that will really give you your fix of adrenaline!
  • Zip Wire, Abseil, Powerfan, Bungee Jump
Bungee Jump
  • Indoor bungee
  • Music, Lights, Dry ice and a scary drop!
Activity Descriptions

Bungee - Picture the scene: You are enveloped in semi darkness, spot lights whirl around Magna’s breathtaking structure, the Face of Steel, standing at 150 feet; you start the 143 steep climb to the jump zone music pumps out of a wall of speakers, dry ice fills the air, and 7 huge video screens project images of what you are about to experience …and that’s before you’ve even taken the plunge!

The Abyss @ Magna launched on November 9th 2005 is the UK’s scariest adrenalin experience, the WORLD’s highest indoor Bungee Jump and the only permanent Bungee Jumping facility in the UK

Zip Wire - The Zip Wire is great for those unsure of adrenalin activities, or for building the confidence of those wanting to progress to more adventurous activities later. With a minimum level of instruction required the Zip Wire is a perfect way of including participants from all backgrounds. Starting from the steps of an old overhead crane capable of lifting 100 tonnes and standing at 70ft in height, the Zip Wire stretches out 250ft down the length of Magna, you’ll find yourself flying over old melting pots from a bygone era while spectators watch you the whole way from a parallel walkway.

Abseil - Abseiling is an extremely exhilarating and testing activity requiring the participant to control there own descent to the ground. Climbing the steps in Magna’s 150ft Face of Steel Building can be a daunting challenge in itself, however once at our purpose built abseil platform our qualified instructor will put you at ease and explain the principles involved before setting you on your way (* Note – this is a free abseil meaning that you abseil into free air and not down the side of a wall)


Powerfan - The POWERFAN® is currently unique to The Abyss being the only one in the world from this height. Powerfan is a highly engineered machine that is able to provide the freefall adventure of your life; it is a device that will safely and repeatedly control a person’s descent, dissipating the potential energy by means of a fan. With you fully kitted in a safety harness and attached to the Powerfan’s chord, in essence it enables you to step off the platform high up in the150ft face of steel building and make a very rapid descent towards the floor before the fan system above you kicks in ensuring you float to a soft landing.




Triple Whammy Experience - £60
Awesome Foursome Experience £99
Indoor Bungee Jump - £50
Zip Wire - £5
Abseil - £30
Powerfan - £30




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