Guiness World Record Smashed!

26 September 2010
Guiness World Record Smashed!
Guiness World Record Smashed!
Guiness World Record Smashed!

The UK Bungee Club teamed up with Ex Element to beat the previous Guiness World Record for the most number of bungee jumps in an hour by the same person!

James Field; UK Bungee Club's Operations Director performed a whopping 42 jumps ending with a back somersault finale before the 60th minute was up!

Overseen by a Guiness World Record Adjudicator, James' jumps were entered into the record books and smashed the previous total of 19!!

Covered live by Sky News, the Press Association and many other news services, the UK Bungee Club's new record has been featured in reports all over the world including the USA, Australia, India, China, Italy, Germany and Gibraltar.

The attempt took place in Potters Fields; London, in the shadows of Tower Bridge - one of the club's annual locations partnered with Ex Element as part of an event organised by Rat Race London.

Congratulations to James and his Team on achieving this new world record!!

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